No Essay Confusion Anymore

A college essay is a piece of writing that is aimed at evaluating and analyzing an issue or a topic. In general, an essay is created to form your academic opinion on a certain matter.

Most of the students feel confused about expressing their ‘opinion’ in academic texts. Some of them are sure that academic papers should be based on facts only. However, there is a great difference between academic opinion and personal one.

If you want to know what is the difference between academic and personal opinion, it is objectivity. Thus, academic thought is always guided by rational thinking, analysis, and critical approach. Therefore, it is considered as an objective point of view while a personal one is considered as subjective since it is based on emotions, experience, and individual character.

4 Main types of essays

There are four major types of essays:

  • Narrative essays (telling a story);
  • Descriptive essays (describing something);
  • Expository essays (facts only);
  • Persuasive essays (convince your audience).

Why do we need essays

So, why students are asked to write essays? The answer is simple: just because they need to know how to write. The subject and discipline are secondary here, because knowing how to construct a well-written report that has elements like introduction, body and conclusion is a good skill to learn.

Constructing sentences, persuading the audience, forming strong arguments are effective once you leave college and get a job, where you have to write something. Even if your work is not related to writing itself, you may need to write a letter, a policy or a report. It may happen that you may need to convince someone or show that you can express your ideas with coherency and logic.

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