Writing a Research Paper like a Pro

Every student has to face a research paper writing during his/her academic way. Sometimes this kind of assignment raises a great deal of anxiety, which may lead to confusion and procrastination. The reason for such reaction is the fact that most of the students have no experience in this genre of writing. No worries. Unfamiliarity is something you can easily change with practice!

Research papers constitute a great aspect of academic life because they bring rewarding experience that could be applied to one’s further studying and career.

Being a successful researcher in any area of knowledge requires hard work. Remember, even the best academic writers have had to try hard to learn how to write papers at some point of their professional growth. Practice, organization, diligence, willingness to learn, and a great patience will help a student to achieve great things during writing and researching.

Main types of research papers

  • Argumentative
    The main goal of an argumentative paper is persuasion, which means that a topic a writer chooses has to be controversial and debatable.
  • Analytical
    Analytical research begins with a question. This kind of paper explores and evaluates. The topic may be controversial as well, but a student does not have to persuade the audience that his/her ideas are right, and the opposite ones are wrong. Instead, the main aim here is to interpret secondary and primary sources throughout an essay.

The process of writing

  • Genre. Argumentative or analytical
  • Topic. Choose the most appropriate and interesting one
  • Audience. Identify whether you need to provide some basic guidelines and explanations to your audience

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